Determining how Much Water We Use

In this country, the in-home use of water averages about 80–100 gallons per day, per person. That’s 29,200 to 36,500 gallons per year, per person. This is for personal use and does not include lawn, garden and other outdoor uses of water. So where does all of this water go?

Flushing low flow or ultra-low flow toilet, per flush1.3-1.6
Flushing conventional toilet, per flush3.6
Showering, per shower17.2
Bathing, per bath24
Brushing teeth, per brush1
Washing dishes by hand per load1
Dishwashing, per load9.3
Washing machine, per load40
Cooking meal, per person3
Washing car, per car20
Water lawn/garden for 30 minutes240