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  • Scientists discover new method to harness energy April 17, 2017
    WSU professor is part of a team that has unraveled the mechanism of a process that could lead to more efficient energy production.
    Scott Weybright
  • Center of Excellence launched for better, safer packaged food April 14, 2017
    Our favorite packaged foods should also be the healthiest for us. This year, dozens of prepackaged foods, from frozen burritos to turkey salad, were recalled in the United States. Juming Tang, scientist at Washington State University, is doing his part to help make packaged food safer, while using fewer preservatives. In March, Tang launched the […]
    Seth Truscott
  • Cider industry gains WSU Extension ally April 3, 2017
    WSU is helping bolster the surging hard cider industry with the hiring of Bri Ewing as a food and fermentation specialist at the Mount Vernon R&E Center.
    Scott Weybright
  • Pink snow mold destruction discovered in area wheat fields March 28, 2017
    Damage caused by snow mold in some eastern Washington wheat fields has surprised a WSU plant expert who has studied the fungus for nearly four decades.
    Scott Weybright
  • Gardens that help families: Master Gardeners honor Lowe’s volunteers March 14, 2017
    PASCO, Wash. – Staff from the Pasco Lowe’s store built and installed nearly 100 community garden beds to help feed local families, and the Master Gardeners of Benton and Franklin counties recently saluted their efforts with the 2016 Volunteer of the Year award. More than 45 Lowe’s Heroes volunteers contributed time, funds and supplies to […]
    Seth Truscott