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General Resources


WSU Washington’s Water:  WSU publications, programs, training, research, and information.

WSU Drought Alert Website:  Up to date information about Washington’s drought.

Oil Spill Reporting  Coast Guard; Best practice is to call both: 
State: 1-800-424-8802 • Federal: 1-800-OILS911


Encyclopedia of Puget Sound:  Habitat classifications for the shorelines of Puget Sound and the Washington coast.

Hood Canal Coordinating Council:  Protecting and enhancing Hood Canal’s environmental and economic health.

Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission:  Supporting treaty Indian tribes in western Washington with information about fisheries, water quality and watershed issues.

Northwest Straits Commission:  Focusing on restoration and protection of waters in the Northwest Straits.

Puget Sound Partnership:  Leading the recovery of Puget Sound.


Washington Conservation Commission

Washington Department of Ecology: Protecting water quality and resources statewide.

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife: Fishing and shellfishing licensing, wildlife management and conservation.

Washington Department of Health: Overseeing health issues related to drinking water, shellfish and beach safety

Washington Department of Natural Resources:  Managing 2.6 million acres of aquatic lands, balancing public benefits.

Washington Sea Grant:  Providing research, education and outreach on marine issues

Washington State Parks:  Boating safety, training and licensing.

Washington Stormwater Center: Resources for municipalities, businesses, and professionals about stormwater management, research and technologies.


US Environmental Protection Agency: Providing information about water across the nation.


US Geologic Service: Extensive information about Washington’s rivers and streams, ground water, water quality, and more.



Marine Mammal Conservancy – Raises awareness on the negative impact of littering to marine life