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Breaking news: The Spring edition of  the Shore Stewards News is out just in time for boating season. Boaters will learn ways to prepare their vessel and enjoy time on the water in a safe and sustainable manner. This newsletter, written by Ann Precup, WSU Extension Island County Program Coordinator. Enjoy this edition and all the archived editions of the newsletter.

Welcome to the Shore Stewards Program

If you live on or near the Salish Sea in western Washington state, this website is for you. The WSU Shore Stewards program provide guidelines and resources for living on or near waters of the Salish Sea regions, including Puget Sound, Strait of Juan de Fuca, Strait of Georgia, and lakes, rivers, streams, and coasts in the area.

On this site you’ll find information on how to manage water runoff, reduce erosion and landslides, and safely prune trees for a view, all to better protect your family and the investment you have made in your home or property. You will also learn how to protect water quality for the safety of your family by maintaining your septic system, dealing with pet and livestock waste and selecting landscaping that will reduce the need for fertilizers. You will find tips on harvesting and growing shellfish, protecting eelgrass while boating, preventing the spread of invasive species, water conservation and more.

Currently the Shore Steward program is supported in counties around Puget Sound including Clallam, Island, Jefferson, Kitsap, Mason, Skagit, and Pierce counties, but the valuable information provided here applies on all our shores.

We hope you will join Shore Stewards today and voluntarily apply the best practices found on this website. You may also view The Guide for Shoreline Living, a peer reviewed WSU publication and handy reference to the 10 Guidelines.  Shore Stewards: for the good of your family and the fish and wildlife living in and near our waters.